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The Society of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph is one of the International Congregations in the Roman Catholic Church.  Rev. Fr. Mathias Wolff, SJ, founded the Society in 1822 in Holland with a view to furthering the cause of women education. In those days of political pressures, social disparities and severe religious prejudices, which the catholic society was encountering Fr. Mathias Wolff was God sent, who with his sharp intellect sensed the need of the time. Apart from the other social disadvantages, the young Catholic women suffered a major set back due to lack of educational opportunities.  In order to meet this demand, Father Mathias Wolff started this society with a few sisters for the service that he cherished.  He moulded and trained these sisters towards commitment to this noble cause.  Later, a few more women were drawn to the dedicated work of Mathias Wolff that led to the genesis of the Society of JMJ.  Being prepared to fulfill each mission and being entirely available for God and for the people, are the ideals that Father Mathias Wolff himself put into practice and these are the ideals the Sisters of the Society of JMJ follow today. The seed that was sown by Father Mathias Wolff then has now grown into a Grand Banyan, which provides a shelter to the orphans, handicapped, marginalized, HIV/AIDS and TB patients, aged and has a network of schools, colleges, hospitals, and social service centers all over the world.

A century ago, the seven young Dutch sisters came as missionaries to India in 1904 and established themselves as the Society of JMJ in Guntur, it is heartening that the Society in India completed the Centenary celebrations and marked its services to the needy of our brothers and sisters. The Spirit and Charism of the Society is ‘ever adaptable and apostolic availability’, i.e. to take up any mission and serve as per the need of the time. It includes under its purview all classes of people with special option for the economically backward and marginalized and as a Catholic minority institution preference is given to Christians.


With the rapid growth in the number of sisters and institutions, the IndianProvince was divided into four with their headquarters at Bangalore, Guntur,Hyderabadand Raipur for better administrative purpose. The Society of JMJ has also got its establishments in Indonesia, Africa, and Rome. The GunturProvince has its head quarters at JMJ Provincialate, Snehalaya, Mangalagiri, Guntur.Hide this content.

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